Doldrums, Downpours and “No Greater Love . . .”

Well, the novelty of the situation is wearing off. I’ve adjusted to the dorm,

MySpace - the pink one

have learned my duties for Bay Patrol, have figured out how to do a blog, and am getting a little bored. I’m also annoyed because I’ve been waiting 11 days for my own room and Alma keeps saying “soon.” Soon my time here will be over. I’ve lost patience with the glacial way things move along here. I’ve been very polite and understanding and pleasant, but now . . . ? Grrrrrrrr.

Well I have to appreciate how lovely is really is here. A tunnel of bougainvillea cascades over the walkway by the office — rose, magenta with tiny white flowers within the big flowers. Yellow blossoms, deep burgundy leaves and China-blue flowers intersperse the bougainvillea. All I have to do is remember the brown leaves, bare trees and dry chill I left in Colorado a few weeks ago.

There are lovely, slender, feral, but healthy-looking kitties everywhere. This morning a big soft whooshing announced a tropical downpour. I thought, “Good, I hope it rains all day so I don’t have to go to the beach. I’m getting tired of going to the beach.” Can you believe it? Tell me how cold and stark it is now in Colorado. Now it’s all fresh and washed outside and the morning air perfectly soft, warm and moist. I have to stop and inhale and feel and see how lovely it is here when I’m starting to get negative and impatient.

This is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes, wash our clothes so early in the morning because mosquitoes will eat you. Abraham washing clothes.

Alex left yesterday and bequeathed me her leftovers. No greater love hath a woman for her sisters than to leave them her toilet paper — seven rolls!!! She also left me coffee, milk, bread and

Thank goodness they invented washing machines.

other goodies. Now I won’t have to go shopping. I tried washing my clothes in my bathing suit yesterday because you have to bend over and scrub. The water is positioned so that you get a sore back trying to rinse things. There’s no stoppers for the sink so it’s a quick wash and rinse while mosquitoes attack from all directions. You have to choose whether to swat or scrub. It’s a special dance.

Water is kept under lock and key here. There’s a big bottle in the kitchen for us to use. We have two refrigerators and two stoves, that sort of work. Refugio and her niece Wendy keep the kitchen from descending into chaos.

Epy, from Finland and Refugio, the Mayan cleaning person in our kitchen.

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One thought on “Doldrums, Downpours and “No Greater Love . . .”

  1. Sorry–it’s glorious and sunny today in Colorado! Although I’m happy to have my own bedroom …

    I lived in a house in California years ago whose back yard had bougainvillea growing all over. When it bloomed, the light in my room would be a lovely pink.

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