Meeting the Shop Owners — Social Life Goes Yin Yang

Phoebe, the Hideaway Dress Shop owner from Vail, enjoys the morning paper and coffee at Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery.

Phoebe from Vail owns the Hideaway dress shop, home of the parrot-feather earrings and other goodies.

Hideaway Dress Shop

Bartley and Jennifer Smith own the Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery, home of the dangerous key lime pie. The Smiths are from Kentucky by way of Seattle, but have lived here ten years.

They are big animal lovers and feed the dogs and cats. They have some acreage north of here and have a kind of animal refuge and clinic where local vets come and spay/neuter and treat the strays. They’ve got about 13 cats now. They have Daisy and Lily, the dogs from the pound who hang out at the bakery.

Roseo, the co-owner of the dress shop is the cat lady. She feeds all the local kitties, of which there are many, including a tribe of black cats. the kitties line up in the morning to be fed and even get friendly enough to pat.

The tribe of black kitties

Sign at dress shop. Roseo, the co-owner feeds all the stray cats and cares for the earless, toothless one.

Daisy the dog imprinted her paws on my clean, white T-shirt this a.m. I’m still trying to find someone to go to the movie with. Phoebe knows two people from Boulder here — Barbara and somebody else. Barbara is a psychologist.

They're not joking. They have two kittens I dare not see.

I am so thrilled. There’s a big, gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner at Turtle Bay Cafe. I’ve signed up. It’s traditional Thanksgiving with all the extras, including champagne. Jennifer, the owner, is putting me at the table with the locals. I also discovered they make great sticky buns at the bakery. My favorite thing! I just had one, warm form the oven.

The bakery has a cute sign (see photo below), but they mean business! They’re always interested in getting the stray animals adopted. It’s wonderful that there are so many animal lovers here.

It poured rain last night and today it’s cloudy and muggy as a hot sponge outside. Ugh. Thank goodness the office is air conditioned, and also my wonderful room. My skin has gotten really nice and smooth from all the salt water. My feet are sanded off, too.

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