A Feliz Cumpleano

My birthday dinner -- David cutting the seafood lasagna, Aida (on left, Dario's sister), Abraham and Dario

My birthday margarita

(Left to right) David, preparing to cut the lasagna, Linda & Dario, Abraham, who donated a whole bottle of tequila

David, Dario & Linda and Abraham, who donated a whole bottle of tequila

The gang threw me a great birthday party last night. David made a tasty seafood lasagna with a creamy tomato sauce. Dario and Linda made a vegetable casserole with squash tomatoes, garlic and onions. Ananda made a great salad — my first in a month! Someone went to La Cueva and bought a pitcher of margaritas. The IPOD was hooked to a speaker and we had great music — Reggae, Mexican, Modis Yahoo and more. We danced and drank margaritas, wine, rum, Johnnie Walker and Coke.

David sucking up spilled margaritas. They were expensive!

I stuck to the margaritas and was moderate. Del Mar, the security guard joined us along with somebody’s friends who showed up. It was great fun — much more fun than my boring Thanksgiving with the burnt-out gringos. I was almost three times older than anyone there. Linda made my day by speculating that I was 37 — she’s only 23.

We ate outside by candlelight and it was a lovely, breezy night, fairly bugfree.

My little birthday cake, which they wouldn't let me share

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3 thoughts on “A Feliz Cumpleano

  1. So glad to read a happy post.

  2. Luke

    I, for one, am glad you’re not 37.

  3. Now this is more LIKE it–party on, babe–

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