Wind, Waves and Pina Coladas

Ananda celebrating the windy day and no beach patrol

A lovely office

It’s too windy to work today. Yay! Especially since Dario has doubled all of our hours. Ananda and I hate working in the palapa. It involves going up to everyone coming to the beach with fins and snorkel and telling them the snorkeling rules — don’t do this, don’t do that. We’ve taken the approach of saying, “Hi, are you familiar with the area?” Then telling them where the turtles are, then telling them don’t do this, don’t do that. Mainly don’t touch the turtles or follow them. Stay 7-8 feet away from them. Don’t touch or walk on the coral, or the sandy bottom near the coral, because tiny corals are growing there. Swim horizontally, and avoid shallow areas. Don’t let your fins kick up the sand on the bottom because it destroys the tiny coral polyps and other marine life. There are a lot more don’ts, but that’s usually the limit of what we tell people. You couldn’t ask for a nicer office, but even paradise can become boring and stressful.

Sizable waves are breaking on our normally placid bay. The wind is blowing all the chairs over and blasting the sand. The red flag is up. No one is snorkeling, and no boats can take people out. People arrive at the beach, take a look and leave. So Ananda and I played hooky and rode bicycles to La Lunita on breezy Half-Moon Bay — the next bay north of Akumal Bay — for an elegant lunch. We had pina coladas, mimosas, chicken enchiladas mole — delectable! — and fruit crepes. Great way to spend a windy day.

Pina Coladas and Mimosas at La Lunita

What I will miss here is the community, even though, ironically, I’ve often felt lonely. But I like being part of CEA ( the eco center), having the common goal of protecting the beautiful marine environment here, having a communal kitchen and office where you always see someone, can have a chat or exchange pleasantries. I will miss the palm trees, greenness and beautiful flowers. I’m not looking forward to the brown, gray, white (snow) and cold back in Colorado. But I WON’T miss the plentiful, voracious mosquitoes and the hot, sticky humidity. I won’t miss treating the tap water like a toxic substance.

The final big hassle — getting the airport — is approaching.

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One thought on “Wind, Waves and Pina Coladas

  1. I’ve just been able to catch up on your posts, Reed. What an experience. I appreciate the detail, your honesty. Looking forward to hearing more tales firsthand when you return. Safe travels.

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