Purple Potato Salad and Green Chili Lager

La Veta Inn, La Veta, Colorado

On a recent trip to Taos, NM, a friend and I stopped in La Veta, CO, for lunch at the La Veta Inn. La Veta sits in a Shangri-La setting, nestled in a lush, green valley surrounded by majestic, snowy peaks. On a lovely, sunny adobe-walled patio strewn with flowers and gurgling fountains we enjoyed a lunch of delectable, creamy purple potato salad

Purple potato salad and savory sandwich

— made with purple potatoes grown locally in Center, CO, in the San Luis Valley, and possibly enhanced with sour cream in the mix. Our sandwiches were of goat cheese, roasted red peppers, pesto and tomatoes on a crusty whole-grain bread. But the coup de grace was Green Chili Lager, brewed at the Valle Caliente microbrewery in Alamosa, CO. It was light, not at all bitter, with a springy, fragrant flavor and a definite hint of green chili. I know, it sounds awful, but it was really good. Probably not the beer you’d want to drink every day, but definitely a thrilling novelty — and probably the most unusual beer I’ve ever tasted.

Green Chili Caballero - Valle Caliente Green Chili Lager is made in Alamosa, Colorado, at the San Luis Valley Brewing Company.

A brew to remember

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2 thoughts on “Purple Potato Salad and Green Chili Lager

  1. A lifetime ago, I went to La Veta while researching a story for ‘Skiing’ magazine on the now- long-closed Chuchara ski area. Curchara’s guests were primarily from Texas and Oklahoma, and there was nothing as contemporary as your sandwich or as microbrewed as the green chile lager.

  2. I came across your post while on a google image search. I noticed a photo of the Valle Caliente.. I am so thrilled you enjoyed that brew. I am the graphic designer who does the labels for the San Luis Valley Brewing Company. I do hope you make it over this way again and maybe a little further to enjoy a nice reuben sandwich at the brewery in Alamosa!

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