Dogs and Aliens

El Marina Tenis y Yate Club has a nice beach and marina.

Here in retirement central up in Cerritos Beach, brown and leathery old ladies bask out in the sun like iguanas and become ever more brown and leathery. Although there are lots of very nice people at the condo here, there are also a few psychotic old biddies. I’m in charge of an adorable old dog, a rat terrier a little larger than a big cat, with a shy and gentle personality, well named “Funny.”

Funny, who comes from the Planet Cheron, whose people appeared in Star Trek

With his face evenly split black and white he looks like one of those early Star Trek characters — the people from the planet Cheron. It’s a good thing that he’s adorable because he has some really revolting habits like eating poop and his own vomit — not to mention fish bones and other assorted garbage.

Chief officer of the Commission on Political Traitors from the planet Cheron. White on the left side of his body and black on the right, Bele harbored racial bigotry against those of his people whose coloring was the reverse. For 50,000 years he pursued an alleged traitor named Lokai across the galaxy, and caught up with him on the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2268.

Star Trek: The Original Series

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Bele and Lokai

Bele hijacked the Enterprise to take his prisoner back to Cheron, but when they arrived they discovered a world long since destroyed by racial hatred. Lokai escaped to the surface, and Bele followed to continued his obsessive and meaningless pursuit. The Enterprise left them there to decide their own fates. 

There are lots of rules here at the condo. One is that dogs must be leashed on property. I thought I could sneak out the other day at the crack of dawn with Funny not on a leash. The place was absolutely deserted with not a soul up and about. The sun wasn’t even up yet. But the old biddies were and watching from the ninth floor. I was later warned by one of the nice folks here that a certain person had complained that she was “too terrified to go out for a walk”  because Funny exited the building not on a leash. God only knows what would happen if she saw a loose Great Dane . . . and she wasn’t the only one who complained.

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One thought on “Dogs and Aliens

  1. Too funny! The pooch is definitely extraterrestrial!

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